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Pronto vuelve Aion Online Leon Peru con nueva version
Publicado el 2015-05-12

Preparate para retornar a la nueva aventura de Aion Online Leon Peru como nuevo servidor hispano.

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Nuestro sitio se renueva para un mejor servicio
Publicado el 2015-05-12

Renovamos nuestra pagina web de nuestro lan center para poder darle un mejor servicio por la red, esperamos que les agrade este nuevo sitio.

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So what are you waiting for? Get a Lowerping NOW!
  • Leonperu is by far the most reliable service around for high end arena. Spending hours gaining points back from a DC can be overwhelming, thanks Lowerping.
    Due to Leonperu my latency was dropped by around 60%, for such a small fee a month. I would recommend this to anyone with latency problems.
  • I actually don't know any competetive Oceanic players who play without Leonperu. It's basically a must.
    I've consistently found that Leonperu is the best proxy service available. Constant low ping and great service
  • Leonperu is a MUST for anyone that plays WoW whether it be for PvE or PvP Lowerping is essential to maximize you're playing ability and not have to cope with **** australian ping deformities.
    Leonperu is the best thing to ever happen to wow for oceania players, I could not imagine playing wow without it.
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